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Thanks for dropping by! Like everyone, we are adjusting to these changing times. This summer we will have a new automated website that will allow you to choose from a wider array of images, sizes, and materials. Until then, you can order our Alice books below or choose from a few prints in our Etsy store (see link below).

Until the new site is up, we will not be offering international shipping except for books. Please email us with any questions.

As you may know, artist David Delamare died unexpectedly of natural causes in September, 2016. All artist signatures are, now therefore, digital except with original art.

We are so grateful for the many generous patron friends who have helped us through this difficult period with patience, social media shares, purchases, and gifts. We could not have survived without you. Thank you.

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Alice Book

We still have a small supply of first edition Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland books, signed by Wendy Ice (book designer, co-editor, and widow of the artist). You can read more about the book at our sister site

$90 (with free U.S. priority mail shipping)

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Alice Book

We also now offer discounted Rabbit-Hole Edition books. These books are identical to the ones above but have minor flaws such as scratches or stray glue. They look gently used, so they are perfect for giving to children or enjoying without anxiety. Each unsigned book is stamped on the title page with the image above and will come with an explanatory note.

$42 (shipped via UPS Ground)
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David Delamare: Ghost Latitudes


Our art studio has struggled for the past few years. If you would like to help us survive by making a personal gift to the studio, you can use this donate button:

NOTE: this web site contains tasteful nudity. Since this might concern some parents, we have embedded key words in our code to help trigger child-safe software.

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