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All the original paintings from this book have now been sold.


Animerotics: A Forbidden Cabaret in 26 Acts
(short story by Wendy Ice & David Delamare).
The text from the cover flap is reproduced here:

"In 1894 wealthy eccentric Alphonse Zukor shocked European society by mounting an illegal underground cabaret--an alphabetic series of erotic acts featuring beautiful nude women and exotic animals. The bizarre performances changed the world by attracting and influencing such luminaries as Thomas Edison, Sigmund Freud, and Igor Stravinksy. In this lavish volume, artist David Delamare deftly recreates each of the cabaret's darkly alluring show cards. A living mermaid, a fire breathing tiger tamer, the knife throwing Donatello twins, and a Houdini inspired escape from an octopus tank are just a few of the twenty-six seductive acts captured in these sensual sepia tone paintings. An expert showman, Delamare spins a fantastical tale of creative obsession and singular vision to lure audience members into his own smoky kaleidoscopic world. At curtain's close they are left wondering whether they've witnessed an actual slice of history or an artist's sleight of hand."

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Miss Leslie Ghost Latitudes Empire Pavillion Monkey Skull

Eight cards with envelopes (two of each image shown above)



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All images copyright David Delamare, 1999-2016. Text copyright Wendy Ice, 2010.